Online sports activities
Online sports activities. Recommendations for a selection of video courses, e-books, fitness apps and broadcast of the competition. Everyone can find something useful here for themselves, go in for sports at home and without special gym trainers. The first online competitions are planned soon. On the platform, you can collect recommendations and collections of fitness applications, video courses for workouts at home, e-books and films about sports, as well as announce activities on social networks and online competitions.
Pay Ride
Ray Ride
At the time the project was conceived, passengers on trains did not have the opportunity to order products from the dining car - they had to go through the entire train. The idea was that you could go up to the conductor of your railway car to look at the menu, order and pay from the availability of an assortment of dishes. The information immediately went to the cook, who prepared the order, and to the waiter, who brought the order to the right railway car to the right place.
In a large cottage community, the guards could not identify cars using the friend / foe system. It was decided to enter the car plate numbers into the database, connect the car plate numbers recognition system to the external camera and connect it to the barrier. We decided to do car plate numbers recognition based on an artificial intelligence algorithm. Learning had been carried out on hundreds of numbers and when the percentage of correct identifications had reached the required level, the system was installed.
Medical equipment connection system
Developing drivers for an equipment connecting system in medical organizations (drivers for automating the work of medical organizations, for connecting equipment to Laboratory Information Systems).
As part of implementation activities with regard to the Ulyanovsk Region’s state program titled “The Development of the Information Society and Electronic Government in Ulyanovsk Region” for 2015-2021, we offered to create a project (a web service called SportInfo) which purpose was to facilitate access to information and telecommunication technologies for sportspeople, sports organizations and concerned citizens by developing a dedicated information resource for the Ulyanovsk branch of the Russian Archery Federation.
Bregis Services
We have been the external development center for Bregis for 7 years now. Our company develops systems for collecting and transferring information about medical research between laboratory and medical information systems. The main areas of development are support and improvement of the microservice gateway for the exchange of order data and research results, the creation and support of integration applications, the development of services for collecting and displaying statistics. Some of the systems have a user interface for working with statistical data and for managing the rules of interaction between systems.
A large furniture factory "DANA" faced the need to track the actual product balances at dealers and forecast future purchases to optimize production. As a result, our team developed a specialized system "Dana", which allowed the customer:
  • Automate the process of predicting the volume of goods ordered for production from each dealer and sub-dealer.

  • Get information about the life cycle of an application.

  • Reduce labor costs of managers when forming purchase orders

  • To form a real picture of the hierarchy of interaction of system objects.

  • To get an opportunity to see balances of goods on warehouses of dealers and sub-dealers, and to dealers and sub-dealers to see balances on warehouses of low-level objects of the system and balances of raw materials on a warehouse of the manufacturer.
Predictive analytics
Machine vision
neural networks
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