For T&M projects: for the hours actually worked out at the end of each month, within 5 days after signing the work delivery certificate. In such projects, tasks are set and hours are monitored via the Customer’s tracker such as Jira, Redmine, etc. If you have no tracker, we provide you access to our tracking system (Redmine). The Team Lead or the PM sets tasks via the tracker, and the specialist records the task, time, and comments on a daily basis. At the end of the month, this report is a report on labor costs.
For fix-price projects: 30% advance payment before the start of each stage; the rest to be paid at the end of the stage, within 5 days after signing the work delivery certificate.
Fix Price
The Right Process
Delivers the Right Result
Usually, we take on projects that require up to 10 developers and last from two months to one year. If you have a larger project, we can discuss it individually. All our specialists are in-house employees of our Company and work in our offices.
We do not participate in projects that require our permanent presence in the customer’s office.
In addition to new development, we can improve third-party software and maintain its functionality. In fact, most of our orders are the improvement of third-party software products.
Projects We Can Take On
Launching the Project
We conduct a preliminary estimate
We choose the work format:
fix price или t&m
We build up a team and commence with the work
Team-building takes up to three weeks.
We estimate the Terms of Reference
In the absence of ToR, we can develop them ourselves: we have competent business and system analysts in our team. Usually, estimating takes from three days to two weeks, depending on the project scope and the required estimate accuracy.
We coordinate the estimate with you
We review the project description
We draw up the project schedule by stages and tasks
We draw up the project plan
We sign a contract
To launch a project, we need to evaluate your task, sign a contract, and, if necessary, NDA.
Prior to commencing with the work, we strongly recommend you to interview our engineers to have an idea of their qualifications.
When Everything Is Ready

We do not provide advertising support for finished projects; for this purpose, we have a pool of reliable partners we can recommend to you.
We offer the service of Technical Support of a finished project after the end of the project warranty period. It includes product development, consulting, training users to work with the ready-made system, etc. For more details, refer here.
During the project, we regularly report on the progress of work, hold meetings with the customer and intermediate demonstrations. Their frequency depends on the project specifics and is controlled by the Customer’s responsible person and the project manager from our side.
When developing a project, we use short-cycle Agile process approaches where work is carried out in short fixed time frames, e.g., two or four weeks. This allows for intermediate results at the end of each cycle as finished parts of the project.
Sometimes, for the project purposes, we have to work on the customer’s equipment (special hardware or software). In this case, we sign a financial accountability agreement concerning such equipment with you, and then you can send the equipment to our address. At the end of the project, we return the equipment to you.
We can replace one developer with another one in T&M projects (in case of vacation, sick leave, inability to cope with tasks), subject to the availability of a free engineer. Upon receiving your notification, we will select a replacement within two weeks. If we do not find a candidate that suits you, we remove the one whom are you dissatisfied with, without replacement.
Development process
Project Implementation
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