Software Testing
We have a large and strong testing team; our testers’ experience ranges from 3 months to 10 years. For every project, we usually build up teams of 1–5 specialists.
The types of testing we carry out:
Manual testing;
Configuration testing;
Usability testing;
User interface testing (UI testing);
Mobile apps testing;
Component / unit testing;
Integration testing, both internal and external;
System / end-to-end testing;
Users testing.
Automated testing, autotesting;
Semiautomated testing;
Functional testing;
Performance testing;
Load testing;
Stress testing;
Stability / endurance / soak testing;
How is the testing process organized?
We develop testing scenarios
Based on test cases, we develop testing scenarios by feature.
To check the developed software compliance with the initial requirements, we develop positive and negative test cases.
Based on functional scenarios, we develop scenarios for smoke and regression tests.
We conduct smoke and regression tests after every internal release. All inconsistencies are recorded in the bug tracker; after fixing bugs, we carry out Confirmation Testing and record it in the regression test scenarios.
After internal functional and integration testing, we perform a demonstration of work and acceptance testing based on business scenarios provided by the customer (or developed by us and agreed upon with the customer).
Functional testing scheme:
— esting the individual modules (features) of the system;
— Testing the interaction between modules (integration internal testing);
— Testing the interaction with external systems
(external integration testing)
— esting the whole system (including a smoke test minimum)
Testing is carried out simultaneously with the development, with a small time shift; it is started upon the system modules’ readiness.
Simultaneously with functional testing, we perform configuration testing for the adequacy of the system functioning in the declared environments (browsers, OS, resolutions).
We review the project documents
We develop smoke test scenarios
All tests are always executed in the same way; that is, the “human factor” is excluded. A tester will not miss a test by negligence or make mistakes in the results.
An automated script shall check the instructions and documents; this allows for a significant reduction of the execution time.
Once automatic scripts are written, their support and the analysis of results usually take less time than performing the same amount of testing manually.
During test execution, a test engineer can do other useful things, or tests can be executed outside of business hours (this method is preferable due to a lower load on local networks at night).
Fast execution
Lower support costs
Execution without intervention
Advantages of Automated Testing
We can configure automated testing, though it will not suit everyone’s needs. Automated testing is suitable for companies that develop their own products. It makes no sense to introduce automated testing into the development under a project that lasts for a couple of months, given that a significant positive effect from it will be evident only on the year+ horizon. If you have been developing your software for several years, automated testing can make your life much easier.
– Can you configure automated testing?
Our testing tools:
Continuous Integration: Jenkins + Selenium;
Mobile testing: Android Studio Testrecorder, XCode UI Automation, Fiddler
Automated UI testing: tests for Selenium Webdriver; Robot framework; Soap UI
Automated API testing: java+junit, jmeter
Load testing: jmeter, yandex.tank
Web testing: the latest versions of popular browsers; built-in developer tools
Part-time work is more expensive, as the workload is not full and the professional has to switch to other projects. If you are ready to hire a team of professionals for six months or more, we can discuss a discount. If you are ready to hire a team of specialists at once for a period of six months or more, you can talk about a discount.
Our QA rates for engineers depend on the level of specialists, the average rates are: junior - 800, middle - 1000, senior - 1200 rubles. in hour. The cost of an hour is indicated on condition of full load
Full time
Part time
Our experience
Here you can find our open portfolio comprising the projects we are entitled to disclose.

Our experience

Here you can find our open portfolio comprising the projects we are entitled to disclose.
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Professional Questions
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