(based on expert analysis)
(based on expert analysis)
  • Expert assessment of the quality of the system's business processes, interface compliance with the latest trends, system compliance with popular business process patterns, identification of advantages and disadvantages;
  • UI and UX analysis of the application and expert assessment;

  • UX writing (this area of UX is responsible for words and how they help the user to interact with the interface; this includes: interface text for applications and sites, games and ads);
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How is user testing carried out?
In the course of the project, we report regularly on the work progress, hold meetings with the customer, and make intermediate demonstrations.
The expert prepares several scenarios for user interaction with the interface.
Developing a scenario
Testing Process
Затем он выполняет их и определяет, где именно и по каким причинам пользователи могут ошибаться.
Drawing up the Report
The result of usability testing is drawn up in the form of a report, which contains a list of problems, ranked by importance, and recommendations for their elimination.